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Full Version: Strat Beer Memorial Brew Day July 8
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Hello Brew Tubers,
As most of you know, July 7th last year we lost a very active member of the BrewTuber community, Strat Beer. In honor of Strat and his friendship to so many of us in our community we are planning a memorial brew day on July 8th. It will be nice if anyone can brew on that day and post your brew day using YouTube Live or Google Hangouts. You can brew anything you like, but there are 3 recipes in honor of Strat that we hope you will brew as a memorial. 

1. The Hop Sniffer from Dr. Hans and the 17 Brew Crew.
2. The Stratosphere IPA that I came up.
3. An Amarillo SMaSH beer.

Most of you know that Strat loved Amarillo hops and Safale US-05 yeast, so it will be nice that if those 2 ingredients are used with what ever you brew.

For more information you can visit my YouTube Channel , my website Looney Larry TV or Brian Fisher's YouTube Channel Thrash Metal Home Brew

We're looking forwards to see and brewing with the 17 Brew Crew and remembering the loss of a brewing friend.
Hi Larry

Thanks for posting this Larry, I hope to be complexly set up in my new location by then so that I can brew this tribute. Can you post the recipes, that might be helpful.

Cheers Buddy