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  • Southern Highlander Wee Heavy
    In 2009, Drew Beechum, along with some of his fellow members of the Maltose Falcons, got together to compete amongst themselves to create "something wild" in memory of a friend who experimented with home-smoked malts. Thirty Falcons took Beanie's malt and promised to make something interesting. Drew's recipe was fueled by Thanksgiving dessert with hopes of […]
  • Tuesday Beer Trivia: Hop Utilization and Late Hop Additions
    Test yourself on hop additions in this week's Tuesday Beer Read More The post Tuesday Beer Trivia: Hop Utilization and Late Hop Additions appeared first on American Homebrewers Association.
  • Local Home Brew Club Donates $8,000 to Increase Health and Safety for Homeowners in Need
    HOME Magazine recently featured the 2016 AHA Radegast Club of the Year, the Hogtown Brewers,  in a story on their website about the club’s donation to Rebuilding Together North Central Florida, an organization dedicated to improving the lives of homeowners-in-need in Alachua County, Florida. The two nonprofit groups have a common goal–building community and making […]
  • A Balancing Act: How to Balance Your Home Draft System
    Most of us don’t realize how heavy a garage door is until we have to deal with one whose spring has broken, professional installers excepted. When the spring springs (usually when you’re leaving for work) you have to go about the tedious business of disconnecting the garage door opener, heroically heaving open the door, backing […]
  • August 2017 Membership Offer
    We’ll send you two ounces of Mosaic® CRYO HOPS® LupuLN2® for your next brew day when you join or renew in August 2017. Read More The post August 2017 Membership Offer appeared first on American Homebrewers Association.

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  • Brown Gmail Login
    At the end from the term we learned around the physics of ice melting and changing sea levels plus the fact that some ice sheets are very massive that they can have their very own gravitational pull''when that ice gets to be water, regions locally may experience netting sea level. While the dialog at GAC […]
  • Strat Beer Memorial Brew Day July 8
    Hello Brew Tubers, As most of you know, July 7th last year we lost a very active member of the BrewTuber community, Strat Beer. In honor of Strat and his friendship to so many of us in our community we are planning a memorial brew day on July 8th. It will be nice if anyone […]
  • 2017 SJPORR Challenge
    Stay tuned to the SJPORR Challenge new for the complete detailed rules, see the video release from SJ himself that gives us the over view. Now this is a challenge!!!
  • Norwegian farmhouse ale with Kveik Grainfather brew
    Another great video on the Norwegian farmhouse ale called Kveik. This one is by David Heath 50% pilsner/50% pale ale malt to make wort of 6-8% 1 hop addition for bittering giving around 15 ibu. Use just noble hops. Saaz, hallertau, perle, East kent goldings all work well. Stick with low alpha acid hops only. 90 Minute […]
  • Tony Yates- Kveik Brew Day – A Tradition-Inspired Norwegian Farmhouse Ale
    A Twelve hour brew day condensed down into a one hour video comprised of an introduction to the brew day, loads of brewing footage, and finally a wrap up. This is my first time trying to brew up a tradition-inspired Norwegian Farmhouse Ale. Big thanks to Eik & Tid (Oak and Time): Also paying […]

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